How Far Is Toronto From Ottawa?


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Well the total distance between Toronto and Ottawa is 428 kilometers. Toronto is a famous city located in southern Ontario, Canada. Positioned towards the northwestern coast of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the main base of the provincial government.

Toronto is said to be financial capital of Canada, and is measured as a global city. Toronto's foremost financial sectors comprise of business services, aerospace, telecommunications, media, arts, films, etc. The stock exchange of Toronto is said to be sixth largest in the world. Due to its clean surroundings, low crime rate, high standard of living, Toronto is often rated as one of the best cities to live in the world.

According to census reports the total area of Toronto was estimated to be 630.18 square kilometers. As of the year 2006 the total population of this city was said to be 2,503,281, having an average population density of 3,972.33 per square kilometer.
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Toronto is almost 400 km away from Ottawa and it takes almost 4 haurs to reach Ottawa from Toronto.

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Toronto is 428 kl that's4280 meters.

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