How Many Miles Is It To India From Sri Lanka?


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You did not mention any city of India and Srilanka from where you want to know the distance. I'll take India's Mumbai and Srilanka's Colombo here.
Distance between Mumbai and Colombo is 954.5 Miles
( 1536.1 Kilometers / 828.9 Nautical Miles )
Also, Distance between Colombo and New Delhi is 1515.6 Miles
( 2439.2 Kilometers / 1316.2 Nautical Miles )
You can also visit here for more cities.
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You will have to be more specific because India and Sri Lanka are two countries which consist of several cities and provinces. Hence you would have to be more specific and say from which town or place in India to which place in Sri Lanka do you want the distance to be measured. India and Srilanka are neighbours and the actual distance between them is very less as compared to other countries. There are separated by Palk Strait.

The distance toolbar is still the easiest way and can be of extreme help in finding out distances between places in a jiffy. You just have to fill in the few columns and click to get the answer. You will find many toolbars in the internet which are very helpful in finding out the distance between two places.

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