How Many Miles Is It From Alaska To Russia?


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To be honest, I don't know, although I myself am from Russia and I started my trip to the USA from Alaska. I just wonder how such a beautiful Alaska could once belong to Russia, because this is a real miracle! I think that many will agree. Actually, after visiting the states, I decided to stay here to live and issued a Russian tourist visa thanks to without leaving the country. That is, I didn't even have to return back to Russia to prepare the necessary documents.

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As it is quite not possible to calculate distance between Alaska, a state in the United States of America and the country of Russia, I shall tell you the distance between a city in Alaska and a city in Russia. The distance between Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America and Moscow Russia is approximately 7,100 miles which equals to approximately 4,400 kilometres. There are two ways of reaching Moscow from Anchorage and that is via flight or sea. It is better to go via flight as you will be able to reach much faster and there are fewer risks involved. There are many risks involved if you go by sea such as extreme weather and iceberg collisions.

There are very few flights from Anchorage to Russia as both these places are in the northern hemisphere and the weather is quite freezing.
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1,800 miles
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If you measure from the center of the state of Alaska to the middle of Russia, the total distance from Alaska to Russia is 3,216 miles. This is equivalent to 5,176 kilometers or 2,795 nautical miles.

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