How Far From Rome To Venice Italy?


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There’s no accurate way to provide the distance from Rome to Venice, as it depends on the destination and arrival points between these two Italian cities. We can however provide you with an estimation, and if you were to drive, you should expect to over well over 330 miles in your travels. This information is according to With the spiralling cost of fuel and the hire car to consider, you may find that it’s more economical to take to the skies in your pursuit to see Italy in all its glory. The flight distance is significantly less at 244 miles, but this doesn’t account for the transport to and from the airport. By comparing deals on the Internet, you can make a judgment on the best options for your requirements.

There’s plenty to see in both Rome and Venice. The first destination is world renowned for striking historical landmarks such as Vatican City, the home of Catholicism, and the Colosseum. With plenty of art and culture to take in during your visit, the capital of Italy is also a spectacular place to visit if you are into your fashion.

Meanwhile, the winding backstreets of Venice can also be seen as equally appealing. You will no doubt have seen the destination portrayed as idyllic on TV, widely dubbed as the City of Canals. With plenty of bridges and so many picturesque locations for those Kodak moments, it’s unsurprising that many people find that the reality of Venice is just as good as the depiction on the silver screen.
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The total distance from Rome, Italy to Venice, Italy is about 244 miles or 393 kilometers. This distance is equal to 212 nautical miles and if you are planning a road trip then it will take you 4 hours and 27 minutes on average to cover this distance with an average driving speed of 55 mph or 88.5 km/hr.
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It is 546 km which will take 5 hours and 25 minutes to drive

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