How Can I Get From Derry To Belfast Or Vice Versa?


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Getting from Derry to Belfast or Vice Versa is relatively easy, but the journey which is only ninety miles often takes a long time.  In the past, I've been on the bus when the journey took as long as two and a half hours.  This is oddly long compared to the airporter bus which goes the Belfast International and the George Best City airport from Derry Bus Station.

It is also possible to catch the train, which takes rather longer, but the journey is truly beautiful.  As one passes out of Derry towards Coleraine, one experiences views of the Republics of Ireland's lofty hills and mountains on the left, whilst on the right at the most beautiful little waterfalls

Of course one can drive oneself, the public transport is better but in the past, so weak that people all had cars and learned to drive.  A taxi is up to about one hundred pounds.

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