Which Airlines Fly To Tirana, Albania?


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The Nene Tereza Tirana International Airport is a relatively small hub, currently undergoing expansion and construction. A total of 14 airlines use the airport, serving 29 primarily short-haul European destinations. These include Adria Airways, Albanian Airlines, Alitalia, AlpiEagles, Austrian Airlines, Italy's Belle Air, British Airways, the Italian Club Air, Bulgaria's Hemus Air, Serbia's JAT Airways, Malév Hungarian Airlines, Italy's Myair, Greece's Olympic Airlines, as well as Turkish Airlines.

From Western Europe, it is easiest to fly to Tirana from London, with BA flights operating from Gatwick and Stansted. Italy also has a relatively large number of scheduled flights to Tirana, departing from Rome, Bologna, Florence and a number of other cities.

For travellers looking for flights to Tirana from Central Europe, the best option is to fly from Vienna, with Austrian Airlines, or from Budapest, with Malév. Both airlines operate daily flights to the Albanian capital.

Just over 900,000 passengers used Tirana International Airport in 2006, which is a 15% increase in traffic over a one year period.
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