How Far Is Miami From Boston?


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Miami, situating in the south east of the popular tourist state of Florida, is just under 1,500 miles from the city of Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts. This works out as just over 2400 km. If you are planning to drive from Miami to Boston, you are setting yourself up for a very long trip - the route will take around 25 hours. If driving is the only method of transport to you, make sure to plan regular rests to avoid having a traffic accident. As well as this, don’t attempt the journey in one day - have an overnight stop somewhere, or even two. Alternatively, you could look into other methods of travel. The preferred way to travel between Miami and Boston is by plane. The flight takes around four to five hours and will be far more comfortable and stress-free than a car journey. Internal flights between these two cities can be found at reasonable prices, if you book well in advance and travel with a discount airline.

Miami, the most populous city in Florida, is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, endless hours of sunshine and clean atmosphere. People travel from all over the world to get a taste of the city’s culture; Miami is well known for its amazing nightclubs as well as its fantastic entertainment venues. For the young traveler with enough money, it is the ideal vacation destination.

Boston on the other hand is more known for its history. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, many major events have occurred there over the years, including the renowned Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre, which happened during the American Revolution. Now, Boston is the unofficial capital of ‘New England’ and has a cultural impact on the entire New England region.
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The distance between Miami in the state of Florida and Boston in Massachusetts is approximately one thousand four hundred and ninety eight miles. For those of us who follow the metric system this works out to around two thousand four hundred and eleven kilometres. This is believed to be driving distance and flying may be a hundred kilometres or so shorter.

In Florida, Miami is situated towards the south east. It is a cultural mix of sorts with a considerable Cuban population residing there. The city has been witnessing a population boom of sorts in recent years spurred by immigration. Boston on the other hand is the capitol city of the north eastern state of Massachusetts. It is famous in history for the event known as the Boston Tea Party.

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