How Far Is It From Boston To New York City By Train Or By Bus?


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The distance between Boston and New York City when travelling by train is 231 miles. This is while travelling on the Amtrak rail network from Boston South Station to New York Penn Station. The journey takes approximately four and a half hours if using the regular train provided by Amtrak. If travelling on the Acela high-speed train, the journey time is approximately three and a half hours. The prices on the Acela high-speed train are more expensive but the ride is a far more comfortable one. If travelling by bus, the journey takes approximately 5 hours and is a distance of 220 miles. This is using the Greyhound bus service. The bus stops at Chrystie Street in New York City's Chinatown. If wishing to travel by train then it is best to reserve a seat as early as possible by visiting The seat must be paid for in advance. Most tickets are refundable, as long as you are not getting a special discounted rate. The earlier you book your ticket with Amtrak the better the discount is. There are also rates available for students and senior citizens. If getting the train from Boston South Station, the train stops en route at Boston Back Bay Station, Providence, Kingston, Westerly, Mystic, New London, Old Saybrook, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford and New Rochelle. The train actually travels a full 630 miles, as the ultimate destination is Lynchburg. After New York the train stops at a number of other stations including Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Washington DC, Quantico and Charlottesville.
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About 220 miles / 354 km either way.

Travelling by train (Amtrak): Between 3.5 and just over 4 hours; on-way fares start at $78 (for adults).

Travelling by bus (Greyhound): Between 4 hours 20 minutes and almost 7 hours. Veterans and students get discounts, but fares otherwise start at $30 one-way (for an adult).
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Does train go from newark nj to saddle river nj
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200 miles.
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I think by train it will be really very easier than bus if you want to travel from Boston to New York.

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