How Far Is Nashville, Tennessee From Columbus, Ohio?


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This depends on the method of travel you wish to use between Nashville and Columbus, as flight and car routes can vary. You may also be able to find passenger train services that will connect you between these two cities. Interestingly, the distance between these two destinations in Tennessee and Ohio is only 333 miles by plane - 46 miles less than if you were to use your car. As you can imagine, with the spiraling cost of fuel, this means that it can actually be more economical for you to take the plane. is a website that takes current gas prices, the MPG of your car, and offers a projection of how much it would cost to drive between Nashville, TN and Columbus, OH. Of course, if you’re planning on dusting down the gas guzzler, you’re going to have to prepare yourself to pay substantially more than if a green, hybrid car was chosen instead. Choices, choices!

Your decision to use public transport such as flights and trains will also depend on how easy it is to get from Nashville to Columbus, and then onto your hotel or where your friends, family or business associates are based. Of course, if the airport or train station is on the complete opposite side of town, you may be reluctant to take the plane - and this is because any savings you make on the airfare will be offset by the cost of the taxi to and from the terminus! By doing your research, you’ll be able to guarantee that your transport is as inexpensive an experience as possible.
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The aerial distance from Nashville, Tennessee and Columbus, Ohio is approximately five hundred and forty kilometres or three hundred and thirty six miles. If one were to drive instead the distance would be around three hundred and seventy seven miles or six hundred and six kilometres. The time it would take to cross this distance by road would be round six hours. The differences in distances is owing to the fact that when driving a person will not be necessarily travelling in a straight line. The state of Kentucky lies between these two states and when driving one can pass a few kilometres from the state of Indiana.
Nashville is the capital of the state of Tennessee and it is located in the centre of the state. The city was formed in the 1700s and its mayor is Bill Purcell.

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