How Far Is It From Cincinnati Ohio To Virginia Beach?


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It is 626 miles from Cincinnati Ohio to Virginia Beach. If you were to drive the distance, it would take approximately 11 hours, not including break stops.

Directions for the drive:
  • Take the I-471 S and you will enter Kentucky
  • Then merge onto the I-275 E and you will soon enter Ohio
  • After 12 miles, exit at junction 63B and merge onto OH32 E/Hames A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway towards Batavia. Stay on this road for 100 miles.
  • Take the ramp to Gallipolls/Chillicothe
  • Keep right and you will fork onto the US-35 E and you will enter West Virgina
  • After 34 miles, slight right towards US 35
  • Turn right onto Virginia 817 and continue to follow the US 35 South
  • You will come to a toll roll as you enter Virginia and come to the I 64 E
  • Stay on this road for 330 miles
  • Keep right and follow signs for Interstate 64E and merge onto the I 64 E
  • After 3.6 miles, take exit 75 towards Williamsburg
  • After 93.5 miles, exit at junction 284A and merge onto I- 264 E towards VA Beach
  • Turn left onto Arctic Avenue
  • Turn right onto 25th Street and you will have reached your destination.
Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads is the most populated place in Virginia known for the miles of beautiful beaches as well as the many hotels, restaurants and bars to accommodate the many tourists who are attracted to the area. The city is in the Guinness Book of Records as it has the longest stretch of pleasure beach in the world and an annual festival, Neptune Festival, attracts 500,000 visitors every year.
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About 13 hours

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