How Many Miles Is It From Chattanooga, Tennessee To Richard, Virginia?


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The total distance between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Richardsville, Virginia is 480 miles or 772 kilometres. However, you should consider that this is theoretical air distance arrived at through calculations contingent on the latitude and longitude given of the two places. Thus, this distance is only appropriate if you are flying from this destination to the other and not driving. The air distance, in addition, may also vary contingent on the flight route that you propose to take and the distance, finally, of the airport from you specific destination.

The land distance usually would differ from the air distance estimated between two places. The land distance between Chattanooga, Tennessee to Richardsville, Virginia is 537 miles and the estimated driving time is approximately 8 hours and 40 minutes. If you wish to get driving direction with the map and other facilities, you can access the following link:

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