How Many Miles Is Florida From Tennessee?


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The exact distance between two states can never really be given unless you know exactly where you are travelling from and exactly where you are travelling to. However, the approximate distance between the state of Florida and Tennessee is 723 miles which is around 1164 kilometers. It would take you approximately 12 hours and 38 minutes for you to travel this distance by car depending on which route you take.

There are also a number of variables that could have an effect on how long it can take you to complete a car journey including whether or not you get stuck in a traffic jam caused by either an accident or just a great deal of people trying to get somewhere all at once. When planning your journey, especially if you are trying to hit a deadline, it is essential that you account for the possibility of traffic. You should also include several rest stops into your journey and shouldn't be afraid to stop even if you feel the slightest bit tired.

If you need to travel quickly then there are usually daily flights that go both to and from Florida and Tennessee. If you are planning your journey then remember to add extra time for takeoff and landing just in case there are delays and as the time stated below only accounts for the includes the amount of time that you spend in the air. The approximate flight time from Florida to Tennessee is 1 hour and 14 minutes which is calculated from the straight line flight distance between the two states. Remember that this approximate time may also vary depending on the wind speeds present during your flight. You can always look into taking the train from Florida to Tennessee if you don't want to fly or drive the long distance.
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Pensacola, FL to Cleveland, TN is about 400 miles. It is about a 6 to 8 hour drive.
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It is about 718 mi and take about 12 hours 3 mins from  Tennessee to Florida.
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As it is quite not possible to calculate the distance between two states, I shall tell you the approximate distance between the two cities of these two different states. I shall assume the city of Miami in Florida and the city of Nashville in the state of Tennessee, United States of America.

The approximate distance between these two cities is 815 miles which equals to approximately 1310 kilometres. There are frequent flights from both of these cities so reaching your destination would not be a problem. You can also travel by train or road if you are not in a hurry to reach the destination.

Both these places are very famous in the United States of America. It attracts a lot of tourists every year. Nashville is known as the home of country music and Miami is famous for its beaches and night life.

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