How Many Km Is It From Lima To Cusco?


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The distance from Lime to Cusco in Peru is 352 miles or 567 kilometres. However, this is basically the theoretical air distance you find between the two cities and has been estimated based on the specific latitude and longitude of your two destinations. This distance is thus only valid if you are flying across from one destination to another. The land distance on the other hand may be different from the given air distance.

Cusco is one of the 24 departments of Peru. It lies in the south eastern part of Peru near the sacred valley called the Urubamba Valley of the Andes Mountains. The city is situated at the altitude of 11,500 feet or 3,500 meters. Cusco has been identified as a place which received the maximum ultraviolet rays in the whole world. History has it that Cusco used to be the historic capital of the Inca Empire where they worshipped the sun.

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