How Far Is Newcastle Upon Tyne From Folkestone?


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The distance between Newcastle Upon Tyne and Folkestone is 342 miles. The travelling time between Newcastle Upon Tyne and Folkestone is 5 hours and 55 minutes. You can get this piece of information as well as a detailed look on how you can find directions from the source place to your destination in

On the website, all you have to do is enter 'Newcastle upon Tyne' and 'Folkestone'. You will get a series of directional steps from Newcastle upon Tyne to Folkerstone, on the left side. The right side of the screen shows an interactive map which enables you to chart out the route easily. If needed, you can also take a printout and use it when you are actually moving to Folkestone. Newcastle upon Tyne is a borough in the north-east part of England while Folkestone is a town in Kent, south-east part of England. It is also a famous summer resort.

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