What Is The Distance From Bristol To Margate In Kent By Road?


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The distance between Bristol, United Kingdom and Margate, Kent, United Kingdom by road is approximately 202 miles which equals to approximately 324 kilometres. It takes about three and a half hours to get to Margate from Bristol by road. Some of the highways that you will have to take on your way are A4044, A4032, M32, M25, A249, 299 and many more of such highways. You will also have to pass through some streets which are Newgate, Old Market Street, Swindon, Oxford, Maidstone, Canterbury, Marine Terrace and many more.

You can also travel by rail if you want, but by road is a much pleasurable journey because you will be passing through a lot of country side which is very beautiful to look at.
It is very important to know the weather of both these places as some of the highways and streets remain closed due to extreme weather such as rain and snow.

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