How Far Is Derby From Bristol?


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The estimated distance between Derby and Bristol is around 135 miles. The time it consumes to reach Bristol from Derby is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. It is always advisable take along maps and driving directions before departing for the Bristol.
It is a city in the south western part of England. It has a population of 390,615. It is located at the convergence of River Frome and River Avon. Bristol is also considered as a unitary authority. It's first charter was obtained in the year 1155. John Cabot departed from Bristol in search of route to Asia in the year 1497. Bristol faced destruction in the Second World War. However it was rebuilt and is now a major shipping centre. The most amazing landmark is the St Mary Redcliffe, which was built in fourteenth century. This church is famous for its excellent architecture.

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