How Far Is Cheltenham From Bath?


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The recorded distance between Bath, south west England and Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, is around 50 miles. It takes around two hours to reach Cheltenham from Bath. If you drive on an average speed, may be at the speed of forty, you may reach Cheltenham within 1 hour and 10 minutes. You are recommended to keep direction details and guide books with you on the journey, so that you may not miss any prominent site.

Cheltenham is a city and province of Gloucestershire. It is situated in the west central part of England. In the year 1716, minerals were discovered here in this area. Since then it is considered as the holiday resort and health centre. The manufacture industry includes rubber products, bricks, anaesthetics and beer. You will find plenty of parks, Georgian squares, and gardens too here. Many cultural events are held in this city. Festival of British Contemporary music, literature and some other festival are also held over here.

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