Which Is The Third Largest Country In South America?


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With regards to area, after Brazil and Argentina, Peru is the third largest country in the continent of South America. Covering an area of almost about 500000 square miles, Peru is a land of special quality. Specifically in the geographical regard, Peru has stark contrasts in the physical makeup of its land. On one hand, the land is a desert, which is even more arid than the Sahara. While on the other hand, one could see lush green plateaus and an abundant presence of rainforests. Continuing with its unusual geographical composition, the high and mighty snow-capped Andes mountains are another fascinating feature in the sundry assortment of environmental quirks.

Population wise, the state of Peru has a population estimated at around almost 27 million people, a whooping 20 percent of whom live exclusively in the capital city of Peru, which is called Lima. A small percentage of the inhabitants of Peru are white while the majority of the population (around fifty percent) is made up of Indians, who are more concentrated in Peru than any other place in the world.
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Peru, I think

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