How Much Are 200 Cigarettes Duty Free In Manchester Airport?


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200 cigarettes in Manchester Airport duty free will cost your approximately £35.00 but it will vary between brands. There are many countries that are much cheaper than the UK for cigarettes so it may be better to wait until you reach your destination to buy them. Most airports have altered recently so that you also pass through duty free when you arrive in a country as well as when you leave, so there may be the opportunity to buy your duty free goods on your return home.

Duty free shops are usually found in the international zone of international airports and the goods in these shops are often considerably cheaper than the regular price in that country because they are tax free. This is because once you enter the departure lounge of an international airport, you technically are not in one country or another, so a country's taxes cannot be applied.

Duty free shops within an aiport or on a plane usually sell luxury goods such as cigarettes and cigars, alcohol, particularly expensive spirits, perfumes, make up, luxury chocolates and designer clothing. These goods sell particularly well in airports because people buy them as gifts and most people are in a relaxed and happy mood because they are either going on holiday or have just been on holiday. Holidays are often expensive so a person is more likely to spend money on smaller goods, because in comparison to the holiday, it is not too expensive.

If you want to buy cigarettes at Manchester Airport, the best shop to visit is ‘Alpha Airport Shopping’ which sells them in packs of 200. You should always be aware of what the limit is on buying cigarettes as there are some countries which will confiscate them on arrival if you have too many. Remember that it is illegal to buy cigarettes in one country to sell in another.

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