Where Is Costa Rica?


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Costa Rica which is formally known as the Republic of Costa Rica is country located in Central America. It shares its borders with Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south-southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the south and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Costa Rica is also the first ever nation in the world to constitutionally close down its army. During the Pre-Columbian era the Indigenous people, which is presently known as Costa Rica, were a division of the Intermediate region which is situated in between the Mesoamerican and Andean cultural areas.

The total population of this region is estimated at 4,327,000 and the population density is measured at 85 per square kilometre. The total area of this region is said to be 51,100 square kilometres.
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The Republic of Costa Rica is an independent country in Central America. Costa Rica is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the East, the Pacific Ocean to the South and West, Panama to the South-Southeast and Nicaragua to the North.

The Republic of Costa Rica holds a distinct honour being the first country in the world to have constitutionally abolished its army in the year 1949. The country is operating in a democratic setup without a military service to aid the rulers.

Costa Rica became an independent country in the year 1821, without firing a single gunshot in its struggle for freedom. After gaining its independence Costa Rica had joined the Mexican Empire for a brief period. In the year, 1838, Costa Rica became an independent and sovereign nation.

A predominantly agricultural country, Costa Rica has recently developed more industries, especially in Electronics and Software. Tourism is another major industry in the country.

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