How Far Is It From Austin, Tx To Waco, Tx?


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Are you planning a trip from Austin, Tx to Waco, Tx? If you are, you’ll need to know the overall distance between the two locations. When traveling by automobile, the bustling, hip city of Austin (voted one of the world’s most livable places) is 102 miles (or 164 km) from Waco, Texas. If you are flying, your total flight distance will be 95 miles (or 153 km). As you can see, these two cities are not very far apart - in general, a road trip from Austin to Waco will take about two hours - of course, this will depend on traffic, weather, and other factors.

If you’re planning to drive from Austin to Waco, start your trip in a westerly direction on West 6th Street, moving towards Lavaca St. Keep going straight and head for the ramp that is marked, TX-1 Loop N. Parts of this roadway will require a toll donation from drivers. Keep right when you see the fork, and pay attention to signage indicating Texas (45) E/Interstate (35); next, you’ll need to merge onto the road marked Texas 45 Toll (E). This toll road will lead to the 35 N Interstate Exit that takes you to Waco.

A flight from Austin to Waco will be a short hop that takes only 11 minutes! Naturally, your actual travel time by air will be much longer, due to layovers, boarding, etc. Plan for a three-hour trip by airplane - a return ticket will cost about 500 dollars or more. When flying, you’ll need to catch a plane at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport - you’ll disembark at Waco International Airport.

The city of Waco was founded in 1849 - the original settlers of this Texas region were Native Americans (Wichita tribe) who were also known as Waco. This area is the home to the acclaimed Texas Ranger Hall Of Fame, which celebrates the history and achievements of these rugged law enforcement officers. Waco is also known as the location of the deadly standoff between the FBI and David Koresh’s Branch Davidian cult members.
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93 miles from Austin, Tx to Waco,tx .
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The distance between the two cities Austin, Texas and Waco, Texas is 88 miles or 142 kilometers. To confirm this information visit the following link.

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