How To Write Cabin Crew Application Letter?


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Dear   Sir/ Madam :

I write to  express  my interest  to work  with you  for the above mentioned  post   and  request  an opportunity to meet you in this regard. Please find my enclosed resume.

I   have  just completed  my MBA  from  American  International   University  of Management  and  Technology , New  Delhi , specialization   in  Public Relation.
As I was in  India for five years  for my study purpose , and I had the chance to  be close to  many people of  different places and  besides my studies  I had gain  the quality to  convince people and have a very good communication  with people  in a international field . And  different  field of my studies and  courses   made  me come  to  know  different kinds  of people  and  subjects , and I  am very much  confident about my self that  I  can  handle  every work successfully  with in and outside the  country too.

I strongly  believe  that I may  be of service   to you  and if given chance  I can  deliver full satisfaction . Would you please give me the opportunity to present my case in person?  I shall be   much   obliged.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,
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