How To Prepare A Cover Letter As A Cabin Crew In Emirates Airline?


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Writing a letter like this one has got to be formal, which means that there are certain rules that you need to stick to if you want to impress the reader of your letter.

• Planning
Make some notes of what it is you want to include in your letter: Just write these down as you think of them, you can put them in order later, and this way you will not forget any important points.

Once you have got your points, number them in the order that you want to include them in your letter, and remember, one point to a paragraph.

• Letter format
Write your address at the top right hand side of the page, leave a line and write the date. This should be written in full and not abbreviated.

Write the name of the person you are writing to (if you know it) and their address on the right hand side of the page. Leave a line and begin your letter with either, 'Dear (name)', or 'Dear Sir/Madam'. Leave a line and begin your letter.

Leave a line between each paragraph and make sure that you keep to the point of what it is you want to say. Whoever is going to receive this will probably not have the time or the patience to trawl through a letter that waffles on.

• Finishing the letter
After your last paragraph, leave a line and then finish with either Yours sincerely if you started with the person's name, or Yours faithfully if you started with Dear Sir/Madam. Make sure that 'sincerely' and 'faithfully' do not start with capital letters.

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