What Is The Distance Between Earth And Moon?


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Sadly for science buffs who like an answer that’s bang on the money, the distance between the earth and moon can vary on a number of factors. However, we can with some certainty determine the closest and the furthest points between the two. At the two nearest points between the earth and the moon, the distance is a mere 356,400 km. However at most, this gap widens to an astounding 406,700 km. If you were to do the maths, this would mean that it would take you take you 4,067 hours of driving at 100 km/h to go between the two furthest points, the equivalent of more than 169 days non-stop! As you can imagine, that’s quite a long way.

There are some astounding times in history when we are closer to the moon than usual. For example, in March 2011, the moon was a third brighter than it usually appears to the human eye. Even more interesting was the fact that it appeared 14 per cent closer than normal, too. For this reason, it was labelled a ‘super moon’, and considering that the moon is celebrated and revered in cultures around the world, there’s no doubt that this phenomenon was greatly appreciated and admired.

It’s vital to remember that the moon has more of an influence on us than we may have originally imagined. For example, the moon can provide us with rare spectacles known as eclipses, and lunar patterns can even have an impact on the tides in our oceans. The moon is just another one of the natural wonders that we don’t appreciate fully sometimes, and learning more about it can be fascinating.
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The distance between earth and moon is 384,403 Km which is the distance between the centre of earth and centre of moon, since moon rotates around the earth on an elliptical path so normally the distance between and earth is not taken as the exact distance, instead it is normally average distance. Moon is an important part of our solar galaxy. It is believed that there moon used to be a part of earth however gradually due to certain reaction it got separated from earth.

There is an existence of gravitational force between earth and moon due to which moon revolves around the earth; moon normally takes around 29.5 days to complete a revolution around earth. It does not have any light of its own however it gets light from sun. It is due to sunlight that we see light emerging out of moon. There are some views of scientists that due to continuous bombardment of comets and meteoroids there are some traces of water on moon, it is an opinion that with heat from sun the water will disintegrate into its constituent oxygen and hydrogen.

If once oxygen is available on moon then it would be easy for human to travel to moon and further explore the possibility of life on moon. It is believed that elements like sodium, potassium, radon and polonium exist in the crust of moon.
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The moon (which is also called Luna) is the only satellite of the planet Earth. The orbit of the moon is elliptical in shape (in other words, the orbit of the moon is oval-shaped).

It is because of the shape of the orbit of the moon that the distance between the moon and Earth is approximately 356, 344 kilometres or 221, 463 miles at the closest point of approach to Earth (which is known as the perigee) and approximately 251, 968 kilometres or 405, 503 miles at the farthest point of approach to Earth (which is known as the apogee).

In other words, the average distance between the moon and Earth is approximately 238, 857 kilometres or 384, 392 miles.
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They are about 228,000 milea apart from each other.
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The moon is at an average distance of 238,855 miles (384,400 kilometers) away from Earth. That is about the width of 30 Earths. Because the moon does not orbit Earth in a perfect circle, but instead travels in a slightly elliptical orbit, its distance from Earth varies between 225,700 miles (363,300 kilometers) and 252,000 miles (405,500 kilometers).
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The distance between earth and moon is approximately 30 times earth's diameter.The diameter of earth is 7926.41 miles.
So distance between earth and moon is
7296.41x 30=218892.3 miles
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The moon is 384,403km away, (232,971.51515151515151515151515152 miles.)
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The Moon is Earth's only natural dependency. The average center-to-center distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,403 kilometers, and it is about 30 times the diameter of the Earth. The Moon has a diameter of 3,474 kilometers, on further notice it is just a little more than quarter that of the Earth. This means that the total mass of the Moon is only 1/50th of that of Earth. It pulls the earth towards itself with a force of 1/6th of that of Earth. The Moon makes a complete rotation around the Earth every 27.3 days. The gravitational force, and the centrifugal forces produced by the rotation of the Moon and Earth around a common axis, the bar centre, is the major reason for the tides on Earth. The energy which is given out in producing tides is directly responsible for the reduction in energy in the Moon-Earth orbit around the bar centre, which results in a 3.8 cm yearly increase in the distance between the two bodies.
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The Moon is approximately 238,700 miles away from the earth.  We can obviously only approximate this figure because the earths gravitational pull changes the distance regularly.  If you put that into comparative terms you could fit 30 earths back to back to get you to the moon.  The moon is a 1/4 of the earths size.  A great resource for all thing space online is
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To calculate the distance between the Moon and Earth, scientists use the infrared ray. It takes 2.7seconds to the ray goes and comes back from Moon to Earth. Then 1.35seconds is the time to the ray comes or goes (1.35sec + 1.35sec = 2.7sec).
  (300 000Km/s) x 1.35s = 405000Km, is the distance from Earth to Moon.
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The distance between earth and moon is about 385,000 kilometers and more precisely 384,403 km. This is about 30 times the diameter of the earth and 9.5 times the circumference. The total diameter of moon is 3,474 km and it takes about 27.3 days by the moon to complete one orbit around the earth which is known as orbital period while syndoic period is 29.5 days.

For reference: Earth Moon distance

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From center to enter it averages 382,500 KM. When closest it is 360,000 Km away.At its farthest point it is 405,000 KM away.
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Roughly 250,000 (quarter-million) miles .  This is not exact to the meter, but if you say "a quarter-million miles" no one will say you are wrong.


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