How Much Postage Is Required To Mail From USA To Canada?


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Canada Post has its costs for mail from Canada to the USA at $1.03 for a standard letter. Rates obviously rise with increased package size and weight. Over 30g and up to 50g and the price becomes $1.25. Up to 100g is charged at $2.06, 100 to 200g is $3.60 and the maximum weight bracket of 200 to 500g is charged at $7.20.

However, that's reverse direction of travel and listed to act merely as a guide for rough pricing. Post from the USA to Canada is actually slightly cheaper than this. A typical, lightweight, first class letter costs $0.75 to be mailed to Canada. Recession and inflation mean prices vary depending on the postal service or courier chosen.

As with Canada Post, there will be increased prices for certain sizes, weights and distances. Most post is worked out in terms of zip code, rather than just being charged more to go to Canada. Mail for just over the border will be cheaper to send than mail to the furthest northern regions of somewhere like the Yukon.

You should also be aware there are size limitations with the common postal services. Often they will only allow large packages at high cost, or in special circumstances such as business post. Always read the size limits before you attempt postage.
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The postage required for mail from USA to Canada also depends on the weight of the mail. Check out the following web link to calculate the exact postage for your mail.
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72 cents..

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