How Much Is The Cost Of Airline Ticket From Lagos Nigeria Going To Canada?


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Prices will vary depending on many different factors such as the time of year you are intending on going to, how many stopovers you have and what airline you go with but to give you an idea there is a list below of various airlines and their prices for a one way flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Montreal, Canada on the 1st August 2011:

  • Royal Air Maroc leaving 06:50 and reaching Montreal at 0700 on the next day with a stopover at Casablanca Mohamed V  (Morocco)- £736 or $1187.25 (through Travelpack)
  • Royal Air Maroc leaving 06:50 and reaching Montreal at 17:55 on the same day with the connecting flight at Casablanca Mohamed V - £888 or $1432.51 (through Opodo)
  • United Airlines leaving at  21:20 and arriving at 10:27 the next day with the connecting flight at IAD Washington Dulles - £1376 or $2219.51 (through Opodo)
  • Lufthansa leaving at 21:50 and arriving at 12:10 the next day with a connecting flight at Frankfurt am Main - £1382 or $2227.86 (through Opodo)
As you can see from the variety of flights there are massive differences in price and stopovers so it is up to you whether you want to save money and have an overnight stopover or spend more money and have a smaller wait for your next flight. Bear in mind, the prices will be different in other seasons and these are only example prices as of 15th July 2011.
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How much does it cost from lagos nigeria to texas
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