Why Did African Americans Migrate To The U.s?


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African Americans didn't "migrate" to the US. That would be why they are called African AMERICANS. African Americans originated from Africa. Their ancestors were forced into slavery by Europeans and brought to North and South America.

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Read a book called "They Came Before Columbus" by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and you may be surprised that Africans were here in America before Europeans came. If you also read a book called "Return to Glory" it may explain why Africans in America really returned to America. Some African Americans initially migrated with Europeans to America for the same religious freedoms, ect. Others were brought to America to build this country up as they did Ancient Kemet and Nubia, or North Africa called by greeks - Egypt. You don't have to believe the Bible, but, believe it or not, it also states why African Americans are in America.
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They were taken from africa to the usa through slavery and because some of them did no have ways of finding their way back they became residents and soon became known as african american. Clearly it was not by choice.
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First of all, they are not African Americans, they would just be called Africans.

Secondly, if you are talking modern times, this would be because of endless civil war and poverty in many African countries.

Lastly, if you are talking present-day African Americans who have been around for generations, then you are really not bright and need a tune up, so here: AFRICANS DID NOT MIGRATE TO THE US, THEY WERE BROUGHT FORCEFULLY THROUGH SLAVERY BY THE BRITISH/COLONIZING AMERICANS. Gosh.

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