I Am A Russian Citizen, Do I Need A Visa To Kenya?


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 Yes Russian citizens do require a visa to visit Kenya. You would need to have a valid passport. Contact the embassy with your application addressed to the consulate. You would get the visa in 3-6 days for normal cases.
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Depends on the purpose of the visit to the country. You will only need a visa if there is some reason like work, and if you will be there for more than three months. Then you should find ways to get a visa or return to the Russian Federation. I faced a similar problem when I tried to stay in the states. I needed to get russian passport renewed, and with https://www.russia-travel.com/passport/ I was able to do this quickly without visiting the Russian Federation. It saved me a lot of time and effort.

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Yes you need visa but you can get visa on arrival at the airport in kenya.
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No Russian no need a visa to go Kenya.  Russian can stay 90 days without visa

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