How Many Cigarettes Can You Bring Into England From Turkey?


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I'm going to bodrum how much cigarettes can I bring back?
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I am going to Marmaris, How many cigarettes can I bring back to England
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  Well, as many as you like -- as long as you pay import duty and VAT on them. Just declare them to Customs and get out your cash to pay up (they don't take credit cards).

  If you want to import without having to pay some money, the answer is .... Not a lot. About 2 and a half packs worth.

  HM Customs and Excise have a treaty going with Turkey. This lets you import the   following tobacco products without having to pay customs duty or VAT:

  50 cigarettes, or
  25 cigarillos (cigars with a maximum individual weight of 3 gms, or
  10 cigars, or
  50 gms of tobacco, or
  a mix of the products, but still adding up to about 10 cigars worth in total.

  Note all the "or" statements on those items. 10 cigars OR 50 cigarettes OR 25 cigarillos. You can't have 10 cigars and 50 cigarettes, etc.

  AND, the imported tobacco products must come in with you, or must be sent (e.g., thru the post) only occasionally (not as a frequent package). AND they must not end up being used commercially (resold to your mates).

  I'm not too sure about whether you are still supposed to declare the tobacco to Customs (regardless of whether it's above the must-pay threshold or not). I would think that "technically yes" you do have to declare it.

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