Who Is Current President Of United States Of America And For How Many Years He Is Elected ?


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Barack obama elected 2008
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George Bush is the current president of the United States of America and is now in the second half of his final term in office. Bush, a Republican, was first elected to office in 2000, when he ran against Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Al Gore. Bush only barely scraped through a win in 2000 and due to problems with electronic voting in states like Florida, as well as the fact that the two parties remained in a dead heat, ballots had to be recounted several times in November 2000 before Bush finally took office in early 2001.

Bush won his second term in November 2004 when he was up against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. Despite the problems that Bush was already facing with the on-going war in Iraq, Kerry was not a skilled campaigner and he seemed incapable of connecting with the average American. This hurt him greatly during the election, because Republicans portrayed him as both a snob and generally aloof.

According to the US constitution, presidents cannot run for a third term and as a result, Bush will hand over the presidency in early 2009, following the November 2008 election.
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Barrack Obama and for 4 years
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Barrack hus obama
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That is interesting, I think,  been a Bush running his second term  as a president  of the united states of America in his office, had proved him a man of valour, having considered the problems bewailed him during the electoral  process, and he was still able to come out for an optimum victory of a winner of the pole.  My contribution is that not just been him a president but he should always keep to his mind that God made him there. Therefore, he should also focus him mind fore the betterment to the masses and do what will influence the masses in advertangeos  part of their live

                                                          Osezua Peter
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Not Elected...but Selected in 2000. Please refer to the scandal about the miscount & fraud within the State of Florida's election system that year. Go to Ohio State's 2004, regrettable denying minority voters in inner city polling places with sufficient equipment to cast their vote. Also review the State leader of Bush's Re-election effort also being able to block any review of complaints in the voting problems, thru his official state job?
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George W. Bush is the current President of the USA.

He was elected in 2000, and re-elected in 2004.

He is the 43rd President of the USA.

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