How Far Is It From Cincinnati To Chicago?


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The distance from Cincinnati in Ohio to Chicago in Illinois is approximately 300 miles on the road, although the distance varies depending on which route you choose to take between these two cities.

If you choose to take the route which follows the I-74W and then the I-65 N, the journey is a total of 296 miles. This journey should take just over five hours, depending upon the traffic and the road conditions. On this route you will travel along two roads which have toll booths on them. If you want to avoid toll booths, you could travel along the I-74 W and the I-65 N as before, but instead go on to follow the US 41-N. This route is two miles longer, and your journey will take approximately 20 minutes longer, but avoids toll booths and the potential congestion that toll booths cause. If you don't want to drive, round trips from Cincinnati to Chicago tend to start around $120 per person.

Attractions in Cincinnati include the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati Museum for those keen to soak up a bit of local knowledge and culture. For the more adventurous, there is the King's Island theme park. Cincinnati is also home to the Great American Ball Park, the home ground of the Cincinnati Reds, which makes it a great destination for sports fans.

In Chicago, there are a number of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Visitors to the Millennium Park could take part in an early morning work out on the Great Lawn of the Jay Pritzker Pavillion, browse one of the 21 lively local farmers' markets, or visit the greenest place in town - Garfield Conservatory, complete with its own lagoon. There are also a number of beaches in Chicago which are ideal for relaxing in the warm Illinois sun.
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It is approximately 270 miles. Of course it varies by starting and ending points. I travel it frequently as I am a truck driver. The route that you use is I-65 North to I-80 West and then I-94 West, I-294 West, I-57 North, and I-55 North all go into Chicago. Hope this helps.
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