How Many Miles Illinois To Wisconsin?


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Illinois and Wisconsin are not too far from each other. In fact both the states share same border line. The distance between Illinois and Wisconsin is about three hundred and ninety five miles. It may take six hours and thirty seven minutes for you to reach Wisconsin from Illinois. You may go through these prominent location while driving to Wisconsin; "Mechanicsburg Illiopoli road" seventy six miles away from Illinois, then Bloomington ,Weston, green bay, Douglas lane, and lastly Kirk street.

The population of people in Illinois is 12,419,293. Illinois covers 57,917 sq miles. Capital of Illinois is Springfield. Chicago forms the north-eastern border of Illinois. Illinois is one of the major industrial and insurance centres. It is also top producer of non-electronic machines.

Wisconsin is a state of north central United States. It was considered as 30th in the year 1848. The largest city of Wisconsin is Milwaukee. Population of people in Wisconsin is 5,535,000. Wisconsin has it's of about 56154 sq kilometres. It has Madison as its capital.
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Assuming you want to measure the generic distance between the center of each state, the total distance from Illinois to Wisconsin is 273 miles. This is equivalent to 439 kilometers or 237 nautical miles.

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