At 53 Am I Too Old To Emigrate To Australia?


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If you are 53 this is not necessarily a barrier to emigrating to Australia. You can even emigrate to Australia upon retirement and you could be eligible for an Asyralia Retirement Visa which is granted on an annual basis.

However, at the age of 53 you have at least 12 years and possibly more before retirement and so it depends largely on the skills that you have.

In order to emigrate, you need to complete a form which asks you about the skills that you have and awards you points accordingly. If you have the points required, then you could emigrate to Australia. (Health is also a consideration).

To ascertain whether or not you have the points needed, it is possible to do this for free online and you will have an almost immediate response. There are a number of agencies who offer this service online, but you should check that they offer the questions which will establish if you satisfy the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs' requirements.
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As such the age of a person to emigrate to Australia will not be a factor unless she/he is less than 18 years of age. Another factor that one would have to take in consideration is the reason for emigration, whether for work and business as a student or as a visitor or tourist.

There are different requirements for each category which in most cases is not dependent on the age of the applicant. For example in case of work related visa one has to beforehand show proof by way of appointment letter before being granted a visa for which age is not a factor.

For people with skills and qualifications required in the Australian labor market one does not need prior documents of employment but for a general skilled migration visa one has to be below 45 years of age and must be fluent in English along with having a good character record.

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