Where Is Australia?


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Australia is a country that lies completely in the Southern Hemisphere to the east and is popularly known as the country 'Down Under'; it is the only country that is also a continent. Australia like Canada has a multi-cultural heritage with the majority of people being of European and Asian ancestry. The country is well known for several reasons; its flora and fauna includes species of plants and animals like koala and kangaroo that are found nowhere else on the planet. Its seacoasts comprising of some of the best beaches are another unique feature with the Great Barrier Reef being one of the wonders of the natural World.

The vast interior of Australia also known as the Outback is an arid and sparsely populated region often explored by tourists with unusual rock formations notable being the Ayers Rock. The major cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth are centers of vibrant urban culture boasting of a culture with many hues. The other notable aspect is the love of outdoors and sports in particular with many Australians being World famous sportsmen. Visiting Australia for a tourist would really be a unique experience and give new meaning to the expression enjoy your holidays Australia style.
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Australia is that big island in between South America and Africa.
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Australia is an ocean nation that is located in the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean.

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