What Are Some Good Singapore Holiday Destinations?


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Try to get yourself a copy of Singapore travel guide upon your arrival in Changi Airport. The guide usually features some great Singapore destinations that you should discover.

You will never go wrong with the well-known Singapore tourist attractions such as the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Night Safari (Night Zoo), Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Flyer etc.

For some fun and beach experience, the Sentosa Island of Singapore is a good destination to relax and chill out.

As for a taste of Singapore nightlife, some popular night spots highly recommended are Chijmes Singapore , Singapore Boat Quay, Mohammed Sultan Road, Singapore Robertson Quay and Holland Village Singapore.
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Singapore has some wonderful holiday destinations. It's the smallest country in South east Asia although it's full of fantastic things to see.

One of the most popular holiday locations is Shangri La. Well known for it's sumptuous surroundings and has been called an 'earthly paradise'. So it's no wonder that 2 5-star hotels were built here gaining a lot of interest in the region for tourism. The hotels are built into the Tibetan plateau and with stunning effect.

If you're into wildlife then Singapore is the place for you. It has the lot Orang utans, sea cows, tropical birds and much more.

A popular holiday is the Bangkok to Singapore trip.
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I liked Bangkok better. Although big traffic problems, they need to sort that out. And people walk so slowly there/ Is it a cultural thing? I don't know but man are they slow. You get stuck behidn someone on the streets thats it
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Little India and Universal Studio are worth to visit!
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Some of the places:

Universal Studios

Little India

Marina Bay Sands


Singapore Botanical Gardens

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What about if I was looking for "undiscovered" - somewhere no tourists know about?
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You don't want to go to Singapore, trust me. Most stressed out people Ive ever met. Work too hard, there's a penalty fine for pretty much everything and too many shopping malls. Totally soulless if you ask me
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Some of my favorite laces to visit in Singapore are:

8Q SAM, Armenian Church, Theatres on the Bay, Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore The Helix BridgeThe Majestic, SingaporeTiger Sky Tower, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Yueh Hai Ching Templ

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Singapore is a small country but there are lots of things that this tiger country has to offer. Talk about travel and tourism - the country has several must-see places for a curious traveler.

You may pamper yourself at Singapore's Botanical Garden, Bird Park, National Orchid Garden, Marina Bay and Esplanade. Or entertain yourself at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

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