How Far Is It From Memphis, TN To Branson, MO?


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The distance between Memphis, Tennessee and Branson, Missouri is about 452 kilometers, or 281 miles. Driving time between the two cities will last just over five hours.

  • Memphis
Memphis is world famous as the home of the late Elvis Presley, whose Graceland Mansion still attracts thousands of visitors every year. Tourists love to wander through Elvis' home, noting the total lack of antiques (Elvis hated old furniture) and the slightly tacky décor that was his personal favorite. Visitors can even see Elvis' prized motorcycles, and pay their respects at his grave.

While Memphis has a lot more to offer than Graceland, it will always be linked with "The King", and that is really not a bad thing. Other highlights of a trip to Memphis include some old-fashioned Southern barbecue, and a very vibrant local music scene.

  • Branson
Branson is a place for tourists, but it doesn't have the same Elvis-inspired glamor as star-studded Memphis, Tennessee. Instead, Branson is quiet, charming, and peaceful. Branson has a very small population, and the people who live there have built a community that is simply perfect for tourists - lots of people who visit Branson actually come from other parts of Missouri - they love the peaceful vibe and natural beauty of Branson.

Branson has some fun and freaky attractions that are tailor-made for tourists. These include a Ripley's Odditorium and a Hollywood Wax Museum. This sort of small-town vibe is relaxing for families with small children - nothing is too intimidating or loud and crowded. There is plenty of sleepy charm and serenity in tiny Branson, Missouri, with its population of about 6,000.

Since the distance between these two cities isn't too long, why not treat yourself to a little R & R in both locations. If you need to, you can also look into flights between Memphis, Tennessee and Branson, Missouri.

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