How Many Miles Is It From Baton Rouge To Branson, Mo?


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The distance from Baton Rouge to Branson, Mo. Is 837 kilometers, or 520 miles. If you're planning to drive between the two locations, you can expect a long journey of about 9 hours and 40 minutes.

• Commonly referred to as the "capitol area', Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a thriving hub for the petrochemical industry. Big cargo ships are able to move through the mighty Mississippi River, so plenty of commerce is done at port. With a population of just under a quarter million, Baton Rouge is known for its symphony orchestra, and its annual Pennington Balloon Festival; during this festival, all manner of hot air balloons rise up into the blue skies, adding color and beauty to the Louisiana vistas.

• Located in Taney County, Branson, Missouri is named for founder Reuben Branson, who used to run an all-purpose store and postal outlet in the region. This small town is popular with locals who want a relaxing getaway location in their own state; this small community has just over seven thousand residents. Fun attractions, such as a Ripley's "Odditorium" and a Hollywood Wax Museum, give tourists a taste of the highly unusual; other highlights of a trip to Branson may include a stroll through the Historic Downtown Branson district, or a trip to The Titanic Museum.

You may have significant time behind the wheel as you drive between Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Branson, Missouri - however, you are bound to feel more rested and refreshed once you experience the pleasures and unique charms offered by both of these thriving American cities. For big-city charm, Baton Rouge is a great vacation destination, or a terrific place to do business; for small-town appeal with an old Americana vibe, Branson will be truly unforgettable. You might also consider flying between the two cities, if you need to speed up your travel time.

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