How Far Is Kansas Mo From Kansas City KS?


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In different states, you would be mistaken for thinking that the distance between Kansas, MO and Kansas City, KS is hundreds of miles. According to, the distance is just four miles, or six km if you are planning to drive. This means that visiting family between the two destinations is no hardship at all, and the commuting distance between the two states wouldn’t be something to flinch at, either.

It’s fascinating about what you can do online. The website we mentioned earlier,, also has information on how much it would cost to drive both there and back. This means that if you’re watching the dollars and you want to be economical with your transport, you can do so by budgeting your use of gas accordingly. Based on the latest prices available, it would cost $1.17 to get from Kansas, MO to Kansas City, KS and back again. Not bad for a day’s driving, with the average commute being at least double this on a regular basis.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, and if the routes are available, you may consider cycling between the two destinations. This figure of four miles won’t account for the exact location of your departure and arrival, meaning that you could find that the total distance will be slightly less than this. Not only is cycling a great way to lower carbon emissions, but there’s no finer way to get fresh air and explore two wonderful states in a surprisingly brief ride.

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