How Far Is Seattle From MT ST Helens?


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Tess Langley answered
As you have not stated an exact location in Seattle, then only a rough distance can be found. Seattle to Mount St Helens is roughly 155 miles.

If you want to find the distance between two places, a great way of finding this information is to use Google maps.

A step-by-step guide to using Google maps is as follows:

- First head to
- Next, type in the location you want to start from in the box labelled 'A'
- Then type in the destination in box 'B'
- You will then need to select 'get directions', this should then display the distance between the two destinations
- You can also check the distance for walking, by train and by car. To change this option, simply click on the symbol that represents the transport you require.

Google maps is also useful for viewing what a location looks like, thanks to its street view option. To use street view, simply click into the map. When you zoom in you will be given the 'street view' option. Select this option and you will see photographs of the area.

Also, if you own a GPRS or satellite navigation system, this can also be a great tool to find the distance between two places. Simply type in the location you wish to leave from and then the destination. You should then see a map and the distance of the journey will be displayed.
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I'm not sure how the previous poster came up with 2,300 miles, but he or she is about 2,150 miles off.

From Seattle you would have to take I-5 south to state route 505 east and follow the signs to Mount St. Helens. The trip is about 150 miles.
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The distance is about 2300 Miles.
In order to get distance between two cities please visit the following websites.
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