How Far Is It From Billings, MT To Great Falls, MT?


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After visiting Billings, MT you may want to head on over to Great Falls, MT for another few days of fun.  The trip is a little over 200 miles of relatively flat terrain and takes approximately 3_ hours.  This journey is scenic and carries you past the Lewis and Clark National Forest and some very beautiful scenery.  Traveling through small towns and mini cities along the way only serves to heighten the interest of travelers.

Once you reach Great Falls, MT you will be treated to some wonderful dining and entertainment options as well as several Bed & Breakfast Inns and an assortment of hotels in the area.  Goode's Q and Bayou Grill on 15th street offer family dining on a budget.  Five Loaves Coffehouse and Bakery on 2nd Ave. Is the best place in town for deserts and breakfast. Everyone loves local pizza and the local favorite is MacKenzie River Pizza Co. On River Drive South.  With the scenic view and outstanding Italian quinine at reasonable prices, it's high on the must do list while in Great Fall, MT.

When visiting the area, there is one place that everyone should see, the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center. Located on Giant Springs Rd in Great Falls, it's a free, fun and educational excursion kids of all ages will enjoy.  Located on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River at Giant Springs Heritage State Park, the visitor's center here provides information about the historical significance of the United States' westward expansion and informational exhibits about Lewis and Clark's famous journey.  It's much more than most visitors expect when they arrive.  Even the most discerning visitor is delighted at the wealth of information provided on their visit. 

So, whenever you are in MT, stop into Great Falls for some fun and education, enjoy the local scenery, hospitality and foods.
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219 miles (352 km), don't expect it to take much less than 6 hours of driving.

See yahoo map.

Straightline distance is more like 178 miles (some twisty mountain roads inbetween Billings and Great Falls).

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