How Many Miles Is It From Los Angeles, Ca To Portland Oregon?


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The distance between Los Angeles and Portland is dependent on how you travel, by airplane it is 825 miles, by car they are 964 miles apart.

  • Why the difference?
As the famous saying goes 'as the crow flies'. As the crow or jet flies the distance between the two cities is 825 miles which can be covered by air in around two hours. This is the most direct form of travel and ensures minimum disruption to your routine.

Traveling by car is a long long drive and would use up a lot of gas. Driving a distance of 963 miles would take more than a day. Motoring organizations would recommend that you complete the journey in two stages allowing yourself to spend a night in a motel or hotel to ensure that you are fresh for the second part of the journey.

  • Advantage of flying
Flying is the most direct means of traveling. If need be you could complete a return journey in one day. You would have to factor in check-in times and transfers from city center to airport but whatever other factors are included it would still be comfortably quicker than driving.

  • Advantage of driving

For a more interesting and scenic journey taking to the highway will allow you to cross a large swathe of the north western area of the United States. You could break your journey with a number of stops, planning it in advance to take in certain areas of interest.

For people used to spending a large part of their life in a built up environment taking to the highway can prove quite therapeutic. Having someone else to share the driving duties with is recommended with the total driving time likely to take up the bulk of two days.
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900 and something almost a 1000 miles
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600 miles

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