How Many Miles Is It From Portland Oregon To San Francisco?


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The driving distance from Oregon, Portland to San Francisco, California is 637 miles. You may have to drive for approximately 10 hours non stop on the road. However, this time does not consider conditions such as weather, road work and rush hour traffic in urban areas which you may likely encounter.

Many people love travelling by road, it affords them the opportunity to appreciate nature and the beauty of the environment. You will enjoy the scenery driving from Oregon to San Francisco. Normally, you may be under too much pressure if you decide to drive the whole 10 hours on a stretch. Travelling is always a pleasurable moment for many people and you should enjoy this immensely. It is always better to bring out two days or even three for the journey with which you can drive 3 to 4 hours a day while you take a stop over and have fun with the rest.

Where will you have fun? You will have two major stopovers. If you are taking from Portland to the coast, once you reach Seaside, you will have to decide whether to head south or drive the 15 miles north to Astoria. Here is where the fun lies, if you take south, your first stop will possibly be at the Cannon Beach. Then from Cannon beach to the Coos Bay is another scenic route that is supposed to take you 5 hours but with the few sights available, you are likely to take about 8 to 9 hours. You can still push a little down to Yachats to have a true coastal experience. It is a beautiful small town on the heart of the ocean with cheap lodging accommodation. On the contrary, you can take the road south of Coos Bay and drive 30 miles to Bandon, a coastal town too. There are lodging places also, but not as nice as you would have gotten in Yachats.
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There many options to choose from to travel from Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. You can catch a flight from any of the airports located at Oregon. Some of which are as follows: Portland International Airport (PDX) located at Portland, Bend Airport (RDM) located at Bend, Medford/Jackson County Airport (MFR) located at Medford. Some of the airports that are located at San Francisco are San Diego International Airport - Lindbergh Field (SAN) located at San Diego, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) located at San Francisco, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) located at Los Angeles.

If you are travelling from Salem, Oregon to San Francisco, California the distance would be 496 miles (798 kilometres or 431 nautical miles). The distance varies according to on the airport you would opt to travel. It would normally take around 6-8 hours to reach San Francisco. The time taken would also differ depending upon the stops between the two location's airports.

If you desire to travel by road, the distance would be 633.9 miles and it would take approximately 8 hours 52mins from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California. Visit and search for to know driving directions in order to reach the desired location.
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Portland, Oregon is 633.9 miles from San Francisco, California.
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How many miles is it from portland to san jose

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