What Time Is 8.00 PST In CET?


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UCT, or Coordinated Universal Time, is the time common to every country in the world. Previously and still widely known as GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, it reflects mean solar time along the prime meridian, zero degrees longitude, of Earth.

179 meridians, or lines of longitude, are situated towards the East, 179 towards the West. The 180th meridian is known as the International Date Line.

This prime meridian is conveniently based on the meridian running through Greenwich Observatory, just outside London, where the present UCT system originated.

Based on an atomic clock, it is usually expressed using the 24 hour format and mainly used in shipping air traffic.

CET, Central European Time, which is used in 30 European countries, is one hour ahead of UCT during winter. This alters during summer, when CEST, Central European Summer Time, is observed.

As start and end dates of observance vary slightly between countries, as does the observance of PDT, Pacific Daylight Time, in the PST zone, it is best to check exact details for each country or state as and when required.

Pacific Standard Time, PST, is eight hours behind UCT. It is used in the North American states of California, Idaho's north and western counties, Nevada, Oregon, except the majority of Malheur county, and Washington.

Canadian provinces British Columbia, except the eastern communities of Golden, Cranbrook and Invermere, and Yukon, as well as Mexican state Baja California Norte also use PST.

With CET being one hour ahead of UCT, and PST eight hours behind, there is consequently a time difference of nine hours between the two zones.

8:00 PST, assuming either the 24 hour clock is used or it is 8:00 AM, therefore makes CET 17:00, or 5:00 PM. If the time in question is 8:00 PM PST, CET would be 5:00 AM.
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8.00 PST is 17.00 CET, except from the second Sunday of March to the last Sunday of March, and from the last Sunday of October to the first Sunday of November; during these times, 8.00 PST is 16.00 CET.
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