If 10 AM PST What Time Is In India?


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If it is 10am PST then in India it will be 10.30pm. The time zones indicate that India is 12.5 hours ahead of Los Angeles PST.

  • How to calculate time zones?
Everyone is aware that there are a number of time zones around the world that represent people on one side of the world waking up while the other people on the opposite side of the globe are going to sleep. It is relatively simple to calculate the various times around the world but you need to make sure you understand the time zones.

  • Step 1
The first thing you must do is decide which time zone the country you are referring to is in. For example, the vast size of the United States indicates that there are different time zones for the east side of the country and the west side of the country. In this case you will need to discover if you are in the east or west of the Prime Meridian time zone. This time zone line runs through Greenwich in the United Kingdom, therefore anything on the east of the line will be ahead in time whereas the west will be behind.

  • Step 2
If you are not dealing with a location that can be referred to from the Greenwich line then you should still go through the process of deciding whether the location is placed in the west or the east. The easiest option for you to carry out is to access relevant programs online to help you. There are a large number of time converter websites online that help you discover the exact time of the location you are referring to. Simply type in Google 'time converter' and you will find a list of websites providing this service.
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If it is 10 am Pacific Standard Time, then it is 11.30 pm in India. Indian Standard Time  is 13.30 hours ahead of PST, or 5.30 hours ahead of UTC (coordinated universal time.)
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10 AM PST = 10:30 AM IST

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