How Far Is It From Chicago To Fort Lauderdale?


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The estimated distance between Fort Lauderdale and Chicago is, 1338 miles. If you decide to travel from Lauderdale to Chicago it takes around twenty one hours and twenty five minutes according to a research. You check before starting your journey. This website will help you even with the route map, from Lauderdale to Chicago.

As we are talking about Lauderdale and Chicago, let me share with you some facts about Chicago city. This city is located in the north eastern part of Illinois. Chicago provides wide port facilities, as it is situated near the sea coast. The population of people staying in Chicago is around 2,896,126. An area was acquired from Indians, to built Dearborn fort in the year 1803.  After the completion of Michigan and Illinois canal in the year1848, its growth increased rapidly. In the year 1942, the first nuclear chain reaction was formed by nuclear scientists in the University of Chicago.

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