How Long Is The Flight From Dublin To Bodrum In Turkey?


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If you are talking about Dublin in Ireland, this is not a particularly long or difficult flight. The distance between the two cities is just over 2000 miles and although there are direct flights, some airlines require a stop en route. Flying direct between the two destinations would take between two and three hours but with a lay-over you could be looking at about a five hour flight.

Dublin Airport has been refurbished substantially over the past three years and is now one of the newest and busiest in Europe. Flights leave for all kinds of destinations, sometimes several times a day and Turkey is nowt one of the top holiday destinations for Irish tourists.

A number of airlines operate flights to Bodrum, both charter and scheduled services. Bodrum is in the south western province of Turkey and was formerly known as Halicarnassus. The city has become a top tourist destination with travelers from all over the world, not to mention celebrities and well known film stars.

It is on the southern peninsular of the country and faces the Greek island of Kos. Its warm and dry climate make it a popular destination all year round and the exchange rate means it is relatively cheap compared to Ireland's Euro.
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