How Many Miles Is It From Bodrum To Marmaris?


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The distance between Bodrum and Marmaris in Turkey is less than 64 miles. It may take an hour's drive to reach from Bodrum to Marmaris. Bodrum and Marmaris, both are situated in the province of Mugla.

Bodrum town is situated in the province of Mugla, in the southwest region of Turkey. It is situated along the Aegean Sea coast. The population of the people residing in this area is around32,335 as recorded in the year 2000. It is built on the wreck of Halicarnassus city. 15cent castle is one of the most famous landmarks in the city.

Marmaris is one of the main cities located in the Mediterranean coast. It is a tourist destination and harbour city situated in the south western part of Turkey. Tourism is a flourishing industry in Marmaris. During vacations, the population reaches anywhere between 310,000 and 410,000, due to the influx of tourists.

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