How Many Miles/kilometres Is It From Norfolk To London?


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Will Martin answered
It's 98.6 miles from London to Norwich, the Norfolk capital, according to the distance calculator. You can find a map there too. As far as I remember there is a direct train to Norwich.
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Stuti Ahuja answered
The total distance from Norfolk County Hall to London is 118 miles and the estimated driving time that you will take is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. I can give you the link for a website where you can get ready road directions from the County Hall in Norfolk till you arrive in London through Westminster. This website will not only give you driving directions but also information on the petrol stations, speed cameras and other such valuable driving information. To go directly to the webpage, you can enter the following link

You will arrive in London through Whitehall by taking the 1st Exit from the roundabout at the king Charles 1 Island. The total area of London is 610 square miles out of which only 1.00 square miles is London City and the rest is greater London.

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