How Far Is Dublin, Ireland From London?


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Dublin is approximately 288 miles or 464 kilometres from London.

There are a number of ways to travel to Dublin from London. The easiest and probably quickest way is to travel by air.

You will need to check which of the three airports in London fly direct to Dublin. The airports in the capital city are Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. The Irish airline Aer Lingus flies from both Heathrow and Gatwick so it's possible that you could get a good deal on a flight through that airline. Depending on the time of year and the time of booking it is possible to get some really good flight deals for a return trip to Dublin.

Other travel alternatives could be by the train, ferry and car option.

Trains leave London Euston and passengers can either travel to Holyhead in Wales or Stranraer in South-West Scotland. Once there a ferry can be caught to either Belfast or Dun Laoghaire in Ireland. A train can then be caught to Dublin from both of these destinations. If passengers take the Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire route, on arrival at the ferry port a taxi or a bus to Dublin will be an inexpensive form or finishing the journey as Dublin is only eight miles away. The train option for this journey could possibly be the best option if you are on a budget as you would pay a foot passenger rate on the ferry. Also, there are some good deals to be had by booking train tickets in advance of your journey. It's always best to forward plan and try to find the cheapest options for any travel.

The same journey can be undertaken in the car, but it would be easier for the driver to head to Holyhead instead of the longer haul up to Stranraer. Extra charges are incurred on the ferry for crossing with a car, but once at the other side it's a straight forward eight mile drive to Dublin city.
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The distance between London, United Kingdom and Dublin, Ireland is 287 miles or 463 in kilometers. This is not a large distance and the two cities are very close together. There is however one problem that the two cities are separated by water and this means that the driving time will be increased to one day. You can take a flight and it can take a maximum of one hour and 25 minutes and the price range is between 43 to 102 pounds.
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The distance between Dublin, Ireland and London in the United Kingdom is 287 miles or 462 kilometers. This distance is as the crow flies or aerial distances on the ground can differ greatly.
Dublin is the Capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is located within the province of Leinster on the east coast of Ireland. The city has a population of around five hundred and five thousand odd people. Dublin is a pretty happening place as the headquarters of all of Irelands sporting organizations are based there and the city also has a very vibrant night life.
To get to London from Dublin a person will have to take an international flight or they may have to travel by road to a port and take a ferry across the sea dividing both countries. London for a long part of its history ruled over Ireland and Dublin as well.
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Ireland is about 50 miles off the Wales coastline, which is located on the western half of Great Britain. As England and Ireland are separated by the Irish Sea.

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Distance from London to Dublin is 463 kilometres. The air travel shortest distance between London and Dublin is 463 km= 288 miles.

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