How Much Time Does It Take To Travel 80 Miles?


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Short answer: It depends on how fast you're going. Or speed.Long answer: If you're going 80mph then it'll take you an hour.If you're going 160mph then it'll only take you 30 minutes.Basically mph means Miles per hour. Also written miles/hour. And that slash means to divide. m/h. And that equals speed. So now we have m/h=s. So now we have an equation.You know the miles and you want to find the hour and you speed is your variable[the one that you control and change].m=80 h=?Now let's say you want to go 160 miles/hour. Now we have 80/h = 160. Because we're looking for the h we need to get it by itself. First we'll get it on the other side of the equation by multiplying both sides by h. Now we have 80 = 160h. Now to get h alone we'll divide both sides by 160. Now we have 80/160 = h. And that tells you how long it take to travel 80 miles given that you were going 160 m/h.if you didn't understand that just use this equation  m/s = h. Where m = miles, s = speed, and h = hours.

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